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MD Elevate

Formulated as part of the DMK MD range, Elevate utilises advanced ingredients to help lift and tighten the tissues around the neck and décolleté. This unique crème aids in the fight against gravity in aremarkably short amount of time. Its revitalising bioenergy actions and warming thermogenic effect work to stimulate muscle contraction, increase circulation and collagen production to help tighten, lift, and support the skin.

How to Apply

After cleansing and applying FirMatrix, work in a pea-size amount of Elevate with Wetter Than Water on the neck and décolleté area.


Ornithine, HPR (new generation of
retinoids), Apricot kernel oil, Peptides, Tripeptide (TT2), Methyl glucoside



* All DMK products require a prescription from a DMK Skin Revision Technician. Feel free to get in touch so we can ensure this is the right product for you.

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