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Grow & Glow

Especially designed for Skin Care Obsessed Teens!

We applaud this generation's enthusiasm for skincare. It's wonderful to see them taking an interest in self-care! However, what concerns us is the source of their skin care knowledge, often from TikTok influencers.

The skin is a complex organ, influenced by both internal and external factors. It's percutaneous, which means it can absorb some ingredients that are applied to it.The long list of nasties in some of these products is frightening! On top of all this, teen skin is going through a number of changes due to hormones, the last thing we want them to be doing is stripping or overloading their skin with the wrong ingredients.

We understand how much you care about your teen and tween daughters' well-being, and we share that concern. That’s why we are offering a Skintervention! Our mission is to provide them with the right guidance and knowledge to make informed choices in the world of skincare.


Let's empower them for healthier, happier skin!


What's included: A mini facial including a rubber mask, which we know they’ll get a kick out of! During the facial the therapist will take a close look at the skin and chat with the girls about what they are using at home and how to take good care of their skin. We'll go through which ingredients are best to avoid, and they will float away relaxed, glowing and skin care aware!

Take home skin care packs are also available, to ensure they continue their healthy skin care journey using natural products,  free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and silicones

The Grow & Glow Mini Facial  is a great gift idea for your daughters, granddaughters or nieces, hey why not book yourself in as well and share the experience!

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