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Discover the DMK Express Bar, where we offer four potent and effective skin treatments tailored to deliver quick skin nutrition. 

Perfect for those with busy lifestyles who still seek visible results, these treatments are designed to complement your regular clinical routines, boosting the overall effectiveness of your skincare regimen.

Whether preparing for a special event, managing a tight schedule, or indulging in some much-needed self-care, the DMK Express Bar is your ultimate destination for revitalising your skin swiftly and effectively.


45mins                                    $170

Experience the ultimate antioxidant boost to revive dull and lackluster skin, leaving you with a bright and radiant complexion.

Ideal for party prep or whenever your skin needs a quick boost, this treatment targets dull, lackluster, hyperpigmented, prematurely ageing, and dehydrated skin.


45 mins                                    $190

Our Cryo Pro-X freeze and fracture formulation reduces redness, enhances vascular health, and replenishes hydration, leaving your skin plump and smooth.

Suited for Skin experiencing dermatitis, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and advanced sun damage.


45mins                                    $170

Created to fight skin congestion and boost natural hydration, this treatment helps you say goodbye to blemishes and hello to a fresh, bright, and rejuvenated complexion.

Ideal for treating deep congestion and  impurities, this treatment offers a quick skin refresh. Especially beneficial before special events or important occasions.


45 mins                                $190

The ideal quick fix for plump, rejuvenated skin, the Skin Boost is your go-to for achieving a radiant glow before a big event.

Designed for existing DMK users, this treatment leverages highly active ingredients for rapid skin rejuvenation.

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